RENERGI distributes and implements systems that reduce pollution and optimizes the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels.
We provide state of the chemistry and physics in the field of fuel catalysts used in industry, transportation and the private sector.


Modern laboratory achievements allowed the RENERGI to achieve status as a leader in the production of primary organic catalysts of hydrocarbon fuels. Research conducted by renowned organizations confirm quality of solutions and a broad spectrum of satisfied users worldwide, conclusively demonstrates the role that offered by Renergi Poland products play in the land and maritime industries.
RENERGI is the official distributor of products bearing the logo: MERGI™ and provides complete solutions for the optimization of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels, designed and tailored to the end customer.

Each optimization is preceded by the carried out in-depth research on the conditions and factors affecting the combustion of hydrocarbon fuels in a particular case. In line with execution and periodic technical reports generated from the use of specialized measuring instruments (eg, Bacharach ECA 450) allow for meaningful assessment of: the performed optimization, the generated profits increase, and the reduction of the fuel consumption and decreased breakdowns.



Research carried out by DNV (Det Norske Veritas) and Wroclaw University of Technology confirms the quality of offered by RENERGI solutions.

The 20,000,000 Norwegian Kroner fully certified byTrygvesta policy is an additional guarantee for the methods of optimization of combustion of hydrocarbon fuels provided by RENERGI. The Trygvesta is a renowned Scandinavian insurance company.