MERGI PFT - Premium Fuel Treatment
Until quite lately, the work optimisation and the protection of mechanical device components were mutually exclusive. The higher capacity and performances were combined with the growth of the parts wear increasing the repair and periodical inspection costs. MERGI products have changed this state. Thank to their application, it is possible to obtain higher loads, reduce repair costs and save up on the fuel costs and through the optimisation of combustion process they allow also reducing the emission of harmful substances. It has both moral and economical importance because it enables to meet stricter and stricter pro-ecologic regulations.


Thank to the changes of fuel molecular structures, MERGI PFT enables to obtain even 50% reduction of the toxic compounds emission. By decreasing the ignition delay, it prevents the formation of carbon deposits and blooms in the combustion chambers and in the gas outlet spaces; it enables also to remove the already-formed deposits. The engines and boilers supplied with the fuel with MERGI PFT do not lose their rated properties for longer time and they require much less service.
However, not less important function is the accomplished optimisation of the fuel combustion process reducing the fuel consumption even by 15% in case of light fuel and up to 9% in case of heavy fuel.
Where the protection of engine and machines internal surfaces plays the significant role, the minimisation of the failure is the question of good management; MERGI MSC is the investment in future. It is small expense in the companies’ and private persons’ budget but it enables to reach the savings that are incomparable to its price. Through decreasing the frictional resistances, MERGI MSC reduces the fuel consumption in the engines or declines the demand for the supplied energy in the machines and devices.



Przemysł morskiThe primary catalyst is designed for using in all types of fluid hydrocarbon fuel. Both for distilled fuels (petrol, diesel fuels, heating oil) and residual oils (mazout, ship oils) MERGI PFT is the recommended additive and it enables to obtain the satisfying optimization effects.

Because of the primary process of the catalyst operation, it is suitable for being used in every type of engine or boiler:

two-stroke engines

motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, jolly-boat overboard engines, engines for power generators, high-powered ship engines, etc.

four-stroke engines

passenger cars, buses, trucks, heavy equipment, locomotives, motorcycles, motorbikes, scooters, engines for power generators, ship engines with all powers, power stations, etc.

heat boilers

household heating boilers, local heat generating plants, industrial oil boilers for heavy fuel etc.


Urządzenia mechaniczneThe metal surface conditioner permits to protect all types of the surfaces exposed to friction. Adhesion phenomenon application enables to generate the protection layer preventing the engine components, machines and device parts from wearing. MERGI MSC does not influence the oil parameters such as e.g. TBN (Total Base Number), which means the possibility of its usage also in the high-load two-stroke engines.

The most popular applications of the conditioner protect:

Slide bearings

radial (journal)-, thrust bearings
(connecting rod bearings, engine main bearings (frame ones), axial bearings, shaft radial seals, crossheads etc.)

Rolling bearings

ball-, roller-, taper-rolling-, barrel-, needle bearings
(bearing of the rotating elements in the pumps, gears (reduction- and transmission gears), timing gears, joints, transmission shafts, turbines, etc.)

Elements in reciprocating movement

pistons, cylinder sleeves, valve heads, pushers, fuel pumps, etc.

Surfaces of force transmission

toothed wheels, timing gear, reduction and transmission gears, pump drives etc.

Hydraulic components in the devices

multi-force pumps