The scope of below-presented information brings up the most frequently asked questions related to RENERGI company and the offered products. We have done our best to include here the widest range of knowledge connected with the problematic aspects of the combustion process optimization and the operation of combustion engines and boilers.

We invite you also to contact our representative from the customer technical service department in order to obtain additional information and professional advice.

MERGI PTF – combustions and its optimization

You want to know what is the influence of MERGI PFT on the fuel combustion by the boilers and heating devices or maybe you want to broaden your knowledge on the fuel combustion and its optimization. Below you will find answers to the most frequently asked questions.

What does the term ‘primary catalyst’ mean and how it works?

MERGI PFT is combustion homogenous catalyst and while using, it makes the uniform phase with the fuel. Its operation begins even before the combustion reaction itself, which determines its primary character. It takes part in the combustion affecting the course of reaction. Its operation is based on changing the fuel supermolecular structure through division of the long hydrocarbon chains present in the currently produced fuels.

What distinguishes MERGI PFT among the series of other additives to fuel recommended in Polish market?

The product quality is proved by the wide usage under the industrial conditions throughout the world and by regularly conducted laboratory testing. Our customers receive the proved and insured product, and thank to it they are not exposed to any risk. Moreover, it should be emphasized that we have carried out the verification research programs and the testing period guaranteeing the cost return in case of not making the profits by virtue of savings on the fuel consumption exceeding the cost.

Can the additive MERGI PFT be used in the engines with the great wear degree or in the engines that were not repaired for long time?

The engine condition does not have direct importance for the catalytic effect of MERGI PFT. However, it has the influence on the combustion process itself in the engine and hence the primary operation effect of the combustion catalyst may be lower than the assumed one. Nevertheless, the positive effect was proved in the practical testing in the devices with the great wear degree.

Is it possible to increase the device effectiveness and to reduce the contamination emission at the same time?

Yes, as contrasted with a wide range of commonly used solutions, RENERGI offers the primary catalyst MERGI PFT enabling simultaneously to increase the effectiveness and to decrease the emission of contaminations.

Should usage of the fuel from renowned petroleum refineries protect me against the above-mentioned problems?

Unfortunately, the presence of long hydrocarbon chains in the currently produced fuels is undisputable. It is connected with the refining process while using the catalytic cracking enabling for additional “recovery” of light hydrocarbon phases from the residues after initial refining processes and mixing the light and heavy phases in order to obtain the indirect fuels.

What is the combustion process optimization?

It is the series of activities and treatments whose purpose is to improve the operation of the combustion device in order to increase its effectiveness and/or to reduce the emission of contaminations.

How much can I save/gain by using MERGI PFT?

For the complexity of factors, complicated combustion processes and technological diversity of the devices we cannot give the information on the profits and savings exactly for a given situation. Minimally, the savings registered during the saving tests in the fuel consumption amount:

    • 5% for engines supplied with distilled fuels (petrol, diesel oil, MGO
    • 4% for engines supplied with residue fuels (MDO, HFO)

Please pay attention that the foregoing values are minimal. The test reports, research and exploitation data from our customers give evidence on obtaining higher values many a time getting even up to 10% of savings.

What is the application range of the combustion primary catalyst MERGI PFT?

The operation of each device supplied with the fluid hydrocarbon fuel may be optimized while using MERGI PFT. The usage range is very wide and therefore we are going to present only the most important ones from those items:

    • motorcycles and motorbikes
    • passenger cars
    • buses and trucks
    • tractors, bulldozers, excavators (and other machines for heavy land application)
    • diesel generators, energy units and fuel power stations
    • land heating boilers and oil heat generating plants
    • ships
    • driving units of generators
    • engine driving unit
    • low- and high pressure steam boilers and heat boilers

What is the influence of long hydrocarbon chain presence in fuel on the engine?

The ignition delay and incomplete fuel combustion induced by their presence lead to numerous technical complications in the engine. Sediments, blooms and carbon deposits decrease the effectiveness and cause failures. The fuel consumption increases also significantly, which is particularly important from the economical point of view.

What are the benefits of using MERGI PFT?

Below we are presenting the list of the most important benefits from regular usage of MERGI PFT.

    • Fuel consumption decrease – the combustion primary catalyst can significantly decrease the exploitation cost related to the fuel consumption, which directly is transmittable to the savings i.e. profit increase.
    • Decrease of failure number- reduction in generating the undesirable sediments, blooms and carbon deposit enables to minimise the failure frequency of fuel systems and the charge exchange in the combustion chambers. It contributes also to decrease the failures of the turbo charge systems in the engines.
    • Extension of inter-service periods – optimized operation of the engine and boiler enables to improve diametrically their technical condition. The wear and load of the combustion device parts are decreased and therefore it extends its life. The time devoted for the breaks related to the planned overhauls and expenditures incurred for purchasing the new spare parts is shortened.
    • Reduction of contamination emission – the ecological awareness is an important aspect of RENERGI actions and hence we try not only to have our products met the applicable standards but also to protect the world resources. The combustion primary catalyst MERGI™ PFT can decrease the generation of substances dangerous for the environment even by half.


MERGI MSC – conditioner of metal surfaces

The regeneration and prevention against failures on the friction surfaces is the domain of MERGI™ MSC. Come to know what influence on the operation of mechanical devices MERGI™ MSC has by reading the answers to the most frequently asked questions.

Can MERGI™ MSC regenerate the overheated bearings?

It is advisable to use the conditioner in order to protect the parts against extensive wear, however, in extreme cases it allows continuing the device operation under emergency mode e.g. with overheated bearings. Please note that the structural changes occurring in the bearing material are irreversible and only their replacement enables effective and safe function of the device.

Is operation of MERGI™ MSC dependent on the type of used oil?

The conditioner of metal surfaces is the additive to oils of all categories and does not influence their operation. The basic dosing ratio is 1:14, however, the application of MERGI™ MSC in the devices with high rotational speeds requires consultation with our technical department.

Are the application effects of MERGI™ MSC dependent on the wear degree of the device?

The generation process of the protective layer in new and used device runs the same, and the degree of obtained protection is analogical. The only difference is the time needed for forming the conditioning coating, which in case of the devices with large run may be longer.

Where can we use MERGI™ MSC?

The conditioner for metal surfaces is the additive designed for all categories of grease oils. The oil basis is not important, which means it is possible to treat mineral, synthetic and semi-synthetic oils used in all machines lubricated hydrodynamically and hydrostatically. The example application (in alphabetical order) is as follows:

    • Bearings lubricated hydraulically: slide- and rolling bearings popular in all machines and devices.
    • Pumps: All impeller pumps and displacement pumps with the lubricating systems with grease oil.
    • Transmission- and reduction gears: All power transmission systems lubricated with oil used in cars, land heavy industry, ship building and others.
    • Two- and four-stroke engines: All types and sizes of petrol and diesel engines.
    • Air compressors: Hydraulic lubricating systems for technical air compressors (positive displacement- and flow compressors) including the compressors for turbo-charging the combustion engines.
    • Drive shaft seals: Hydraulic drive shaft seals popular in ship building and heavy industry.

How much can I save/gain while using MERGI™ MSC?

The answer to the question is dependent on the total amount of repair cost incurred by the company. The savings value may vary from several hundreds PLN annually while using MERGI™ MSC for passenger car; up to millions PLN of savings thank to prevent the crankshaft damage on the high-power marine engine. It is worth mentioning that MERGI™ MSC has insignificant contribution in the cost of damage prevention and is the significant guarantee of continuous operation of devices, machines and engines at the same time.

How does MERGI™ MSC work?

The use of adhesion phenomenon enables to obtain the protective layer on the working surfaces of the machine parts, protecting them and regenerating at the same time. It minimises the metal surface irregularities, which influence the received anti-fraction (anti-friction). The patented formula of surface-active substance allows reaching so-called the boundary friction that is formed on the surfaces of the boundary layer elements, exceptionally resistant to great pressures and firmly joined together. It prevents from forming the dry friction even at the non-continuous supply of the grease agent. The following chemical fractions of MERGI™ MSC account for multi-functionality of the additive: they stabilise the viscosity index, prevent crystallisation of stable paraffin hydrocarbons and protect against corrosion and harmful effect of exploitation conditions.

What is the purpose for conditioning the metal surfaces?

The conditioning of metal surfaces of mechanical devices is in order to decrease the wear and minimise the failure of parts subject to friction phenomenon that happens at the contact of two working surfaces of the machine components. It enables also to regenerate the damage occurred as a result of excessive loads or tribological wear of the metal parts.

What is the influence of MERGI™ MSC on the operation characteristics of the engine and transmission?

The reduction of frictional resistances is the decrease of losses in the power generated by the engine and transmitted onto the transmission. It directly causes the improvement of the engine dynamics, fuel combustion reduction and decrease in the number of generated harmful substances to the environment. The working culture of the drive unit and loudness of the transmission work are improved as well.

What are the benefits of using MERGI™ MSC?

Below we are presenting the list of the most important benefits from regular usage of MERGI™ MSC.

    • Increase in device life and decrease of failure number- through protection of the highly-load parts MERGI™ MSC enables to prolong their operation under nominal conditions by 50-150% and to minimise the failures caused by unpredictable damage of the components.
    • Extension of interservice periods and lower repair expenditures – they are directly combined with using MERGI™ MSC. The conducted tests indicate that 25-75% extension of interservice periods is problem-free and it allows decreasing the repair investments i.e. expenditures for spare parts and employed labour-hours of service personnel significantly.
    • Decrease in fuel and energy consumption – metal surface conditioning in the devices allows reducing the frictional resistances occurring in the devices significantly, which is transmittable into declining the exploitation cost connected with the fuel or energy consumption, hence stimulating the growth of company profits.
    • Reduction of contamination emission – the ecological awareness is important aspect of RENERGI actions and we are trying not only to produce our product according to the applicable standards but also make them help to protect the resources of our world. The conditioner for metal surfaces MERGI™ MSC contributes to decrease the emission of substances that are dangerous for the environment.