MERGI™ MSC is Metal Surface Conditioner. Its main task is to reduce friction resistance and minimize the wear of machinery and equipment.


Machinery parts, mechanical friction and lubricating oil

Construction designs of modern machinery rely on large amounts of precisely made pairs of elements, i.e. bearings that are subjected to the highest loads. Generated kinetic forces are the main cause of wearing out of the element surfaces, which consequently leads to the destruction of the thin surface of sliding bearings.

It is known well that lubricating oil is reducing the friction resistance, unfortunately oil has other important task, too. Cooling, sealing, corrosion protection and cleaning are unfortunately under valued, so a whole series of requirements is a major challenge for the oil producer.

Wear of bearings - the Cause

Despite the efforts of material engineers produced bearing components have microscopic pores on their surfaces. Edge cavitation, spot dry friction and load have direct impact on the progressive erosion which is a major cause of bearing’s wear. Other factors include the overload (thermal and mechanical), corrosion, oil oxidation and crystallization of solid paraffin hydrocarbons.


Wear of bearings - impacts

Unexpected failures, downtimes of engines and mechanical machinery are reflected by unplanned costs. Increased financial outlay expended during the periodic review of the replacement of worn parts, and a proportional increase of maintenance personnel working hours. These are the consequences easiest to define.

However, the loss of revenue resulting from delays should be included or in extreme cases signed agreements and contracts can not be kept.

Solution - MERGI™ MSC

The greatest advantage of the treatment of lubricating oil with additive MERGI™ MSC is minimizing the bearing surface irregularities, so called antifriction achieved on the basis of the patented chemical formula. This allows prolonging the engine readiness by reducing the friction, furthermore reducing the volume of burned fuel.

The phenomenon of adhesion builds up a coating on the surface of working parts of machines, protecting and regenerating it at the same time. Mergi™ MSC allows you to achieve the so-called edge friction, which forms on the surface of elements the boundary layer extremely resistant to high pressure and permanently connected with them. This prevents dry friction even with a discontinuous flow of lubricant.

It’s another multi-functionality is conditioning of lubricating oil preventing the crystallization of solid paraffin and polymer stabilization of viscosity index, both minimize the wear of machinery during cold start-up in adverse weather conditions.


Proper operation requires an appropriate ratio to the volume of MSC and used lubricant. This ratio is based on machinery, it’s purose, designation and on the type of lubricant being used. Basing on these factors RENERGI will individually identify the volume of MERGI™ Metal Surface Conditioner to be used.

In non industrail applications the 1:14 ratio of MERGI™MSC is recommended.In marine and industrial use proportions are between 1:14 – 1:17.


Specially designed packaging allows easy usege of MERGI™ MSC. A dispenser provides seamless measure of the dose needed for oil treatment during it’s exchange. One pack is sufficient for treatment of 7 or 14 liters of oil.


Wholesale and industrial customers have individually selected forms of applicating the MERGI™ MSC additive. 25 litres containers are the most preffered volume packaging of MERGI™ MSC.

Produkt MERGI, 200 Ltr, opakowanie hurtowe


The lead-in time to the regular use of the lubricating oil additive MERGI™ MSC for each customer is a waiting moment for a tangible results. There is no way to demonstrate MERGI™ MSC’s operation with the sound engine only. Therefore RENERGI offers each industrial customer initial and periodic verification tests.

Verification test

The offer includes a preliminary examination of the machinery technical conditions before the bring-in of a lubricating oil additive. Intervals of subsequent examinations are set individually with the client i.e. depending on the CMS intervals demanded by the Classification Society. Measurements and photographs are included in a survey documentation.

The decision to publish the test results depends on the client.

Koła zębate z dwubieżniowymi łożyskami kulowymi

Insurance Policy

All products from MERGI line are insured. The sum of the policy is NOK 20,000,000. It’s existence is to ensure every customer to be payed compensation in case of breakdown caused by the products with MERGI™ logo.

It should be noted that MERGI™ products are available worldwide for over 30 years and this situation has not arisen yet.

TRYGVESTA - wystawca polisy ubezpieczeniowej


We’re going to share an online application soon, that will let the calculation costs of MERGI™ MSC being done with ease. This will allow for checking the profitability and calculations of saving being achieved thanks to MERGI™ MSC.

In the meantime we would like to ask for a direct contact with us.