MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) is the primary organic fuel combustion catalyst. Added to the fuel in a proportion of 1:4000 changes the structure of hydrocarbon molecules easing the burning process by reducing the CVI index value.


Combustion - teory and facts

Theoretical result of kinetic combustion of homogeneous mixture of the hydrocarbon fuel and oxygen is water vapours and carbon dioxide. Unfortunately, the fuel available today have the additional elements in its composition and the oxidant is an air, not oxygen. So it comes to kinematic burning of pseudohomegenic mixture, causing undesirable emissions of air pollutants and adversely affects the engines and boilers.

Lack of optimization - the causes

Non-optimized combustion is a diffusional process which results in a visible smoke from the exhaust pipe of the engine or boiler. The easiest way to observe it is during the injection system failure. The lack of pre-mixing of air with fuel is the direct cause. Short-term running of non-optimized engine or boiler will not entail major consequences, however long-term deficiencies lead to a number of technical complications.

Lack of optimization - consequences

Coke and deposits on the parts of the combustion chamber and exhaust trunking are the best indication of irregularities occurring in the engine or boiler. Lack of optimization of the combustion process results in increased repair expenditures, and none of the conventional methods is able to prevent such situations because the economic considerations affect the choice of type of fuel being used.


Thanks to its formula MERGI™ PFT reduces the cost of repairs. Breaking the long hydrocarbon chains prevents the formation of deposits in the combustion chamber and in exhaust trunking. While improved combustion reduces emissions at the same time allows for savings due to increase of the real calorific value of fuel, which in return translates into useful power generated by engine or boiler.


Proper operation requires an appropriate relationship to the volume of the original catalyst to the volume of treated fuel. The need to develop a simple and easy to implement ways of dosing was associated with it. Due to the popularity of the primary organic fuel catalyst MERGI™ PFT, RENERGI has in it’s offer several ways to optimize the combustion process of hydrocarbon fuels.


Specially designed packaging allows for easy use of MERGI™ PFT. Dispenser affixed to the packaging allows for a smooth use of the primary organic fuel catalyst. Measuring the required dose may be done during the refuelling of a car or home heating oil tank. One pack is sufficient for treatment of 2000 or 4000 litres of fuel.


Way to use the primary organic fuel catalyst MERGI™ PFT for wholesale/industrial customers is based on the amount of fuel being consumed, and is chosen individually. Most customers chooses 25 litres containers of concentrated MERGI™ PFT, diluted by customer before use. In respond to the customer’s requests RENERGI offers a 200 litre containers of the primary organic fuel catalyst ready for use, too. With the wholesale/industrial purchase of our products, We deliver a ready-metering systems, allowing for a smooth treatment of fuel during it’s transfer from sotrage fuel tanks to the settling fuel tanks.


The lead-in time to the regular use of the primary organic fuel catalyst MERGI™ PFT for each customer is a waiting moment for a tangible results. There is no way to demonstrate MERGI™ PFT’s operation with the sound engine only. Therefore RENERGI offers each industrial customer initial and periodic verification tests.


The offer includes a preliminary examination of the quality of combustion process in engines and boilers before the bring-in of a catalyst. Intervals of subsequent examinations are set individually with the client, depending on the location of the treatment installation and availability. Tests include the measurement of: NO, NO2, NOx, excess of air, CO, CO2 and solid particles (soot, metal compounds, heavy hydrocarbons). For installations equipped with appropriate devices the fuel consumption in g/kWh is determined. The decision to publish the test results depends on the client.


The first-time industrial customers who are just starting use of the primary organic fuel catalyst MERGI™ PFT are offered a monthly test period. During this time we guarantee to reduce fuel consumption by 5% for distillate fuels and 4.4% for heavy residual fuels. In the absence of the above thresholds We will reimburse the costs incurred in optimization.


RENERGI has insurance for all it’s products. The sum of the policy is NOK 20,000,000. It’s existence is to ensure every customer to be payed compensation in case of breakdown caused by the products with MERGI™ logo. It should be noted that MERGI™ products are available worldwide for over 30 years and this situation has not arisen yet.


We invite you to take advantage of the application, allowing meaningfully determine the costs and gains generated by primary organic combustion catalyst MERGI™ PFT.