We would like to arouse your interest in engine and boiler optimization methods using a unique means of aggregated chemical impacts on the hydrocarbon molecule by primary organic catalyst – MERGI™ PFTs (Premium Fuel Treatment).

Primary catalysis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels

The primary catalysis of liquid hydrocarbon fuels is based on the ground of cracking long hydrocarbon chains by reducing the surface tension of fuel particles. As a result oxygen molecules in the fuel mixture are able to fully connect to the carbon particles, causing the total energy contained in the fuel being utilized and coke-deposits being minimized.


The benefits are multi-track: prolongation of the trouble-free operation of engines, reducing the fuel consumption (the expected minimum of 4% HFO, 5% MGO), decrease of emissions of toxic substances and solid particles in the exhaust gas, prolongation the life of engine lubricating oils, facilitating the mobilization and readiness of engines and equipment during the winter operation, self-cleaning tanks with sediment, together with the bacteria contained in them.

Complete fuel combustion limits to a negligible amount the deposits on injector nozzles, burners, combustion chambers, piston rings, cylinder liners, pistons, valves, the turbine blades, the whole exhaust line, and removes contaminated previously coke-overlay.

MERGI™ PFT application

The primary organic catalyst MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) must be dosed at specific criteria in order to obtain the best results. All designed and assembled by Us industrial fuel treatment systems are fitted with a special dosing unit responsible for the ratio in which MERGI™ PFT (Premium Fuel Treatment) is added to the fuel. For individual users who want to use our products the special dispenser that allow easily add the primary organic catalyst during refuelling at the gas station has been designed.

MERGI PFT proportional ratio amounts 1:4000. Due to the high quantities of hydrocarbon fuels being burnt by  marine engines and generators, we offer concentrated MERGI™ PFT, which proportinal ratio amounts 1:8000. Concentrated PFT must be primarily diluted with light fuel in proportional ratio of 1:1.

Lubricating oil additive MERGI™ MSC

MERGI™ MSC (Metal Surface Conditioner) is an additive directly affecting the intermolecular interaction of the engine parts and lubricating oil. Allows for maintaining the proper lubricant film under extreme conditions, which are the today’s engines subjected to. MERGI™ MSC reduces friction without changing the lube oil base. Connects at the molecular level to structural elements of device without being vulnerable to separation in centrifugal separators and filters. Furthermore MERGI™ MSC does not alter the basic properties of lubricating substance so that it is safe to use.

Advantages of MERGI™ MSC are appreciated by the mechanics of motor sports, car transport companies and shipping.


Immediate savings from the use of MERGI™ PFTs resulting from the reduction in fuel consumption caused by shortening the delay time of ignition and combustion, the earliest visible on the two-stroke engines, and are at least twice higher than the cost of the method being offered. In addition the long-term gains through the use of MERGI™ PFT and MSC for the reduction of breakdowns are more economically justified.